• Kukula McDonald at Tali Gallery

    Charming Small Desert Landscapes of Bush Foods and Medicines

    Ampilawatja has consigned some delightful, small, prestretched canvases to us that are ready to hang on the wall for $220 each. ?They are charming artworks in their own individual right, or are very effective hung in a group – great gifts or for your own home. Some of our clients...

    Gloria Petyarre at Tali Gallery

    “Bush Medicine Leaves” 90 x 150cm by Gloria Petyarre

    Minnie Pwerle at Tali Gallery

    Minnie Pwerle depicts women’s body paint Awelye Atnwengerrp? ??We have two consigned paintings – please contact the gallery using the contact form for further details.

    Melanie Hava at Tali Gallery

    The depiction of Dancing?Brolga’s is Melanie’s signature work – joy and happiness on canvas, Melanie finds them graceful and notes that?they mate for life and dance together to bond. ?This work is 90.4 x 150cm. ? We have several other works by Melanie in the gallery as well. ? ?Please...

    Denise Campbell at Tali Gallery

    Cooee Junction by?Denise Campbell ?90x150cm Acrylic on Canvas ?$3950 Denise is a well recognised Australian artist who is a pilot, and who photographs the Australian inland landscapes and then captures the vast stunning beauty and colours in her paintings back on the ground.         We also have...

    Milingimbi Artworks and Fibre at Tali Gallery

    These artworks are from the small island of Milingimbi off the coast of ArnhemLand. ?There is currently an exhibition of the work of their ancestors from the 1950s at the Art Gallery of NSW. Apart from ochre paintings on canvas, we also have in stock, stunning fibre works – pandanus...

    Fibre from the Top End

    Tali Gallery has an extensive offering of pandanus?weavings?from the top end including dilly bags, baskets, fish traps and sculptures. ?Please contact the gallery for further information, or come in to see us!

    Morning Star Poles at Tali Gallery

    We have a wide range of stunning Morning Star Poles from Elcho Island off the coast, and part of mainland ArnhemLand. ?Please use the contact page to enquire.

    New 30x30cm Painting Arrivals

    We have received a new shipment of 30x30cm paintings with a wide range of stories, artists, colours and styles – and priced at $135 each, stretched and ready to hang on the wall, they make very appealing?gifts and can also be hung on a wall in groups to create an...

    Polly Ngale at Tali Gallery

    Polly Ngale, Utopia, Bush Plum, ?70 x 150cm?

    Lena Pwerle at Tali Gallery

    ?Lena Pwerle at Tali Gallery – several works in a range of sizes to choose from – ?in warming colours of orange, yellow, red and a hint of purple in a free flowing depiction of the Soakages found in the desert or a different palette in blues, or browns. ?Please...

    Rover Thomas at Tali Gallery

    We have numerous works by prominent artists which represent investment pieces. ? This is one of three fine art prints in an edition, each currently valued at $15,000. ? ?It?is provenanced by Waringarri Art Centre and is the last piece left!

    Kathy Maringka at Tali Gallery

    Kathy Maringka, APY Lands, South Australia, “Wildflowers”, ?90 x 150cm

    Bugai Whyoulter at Tali Gallery

                      We are pleased to present a pair?of paintings by?Bugai Whyoulter, a collectible artist, a?Matu women from the Western Australian desert – the Pilbara region, where the story of Rabbit Proof Fence was set. The excitement of these artworks, their vitality and...

    Dulcie Kelly at Tali Gallery

    Dulcie Kelly Nungala, Mt Liebig, Northern Territory, ?“Sandhills” (with Waterholes) 183 x 75cm (Art Centre Provenance)

    Jeannie Mills Pwerl at Tali Gallery

    Jeannie Mills Pwerl, Alyawarr, Northern Territory, “Anaty” (Desert Yam)

    Loretta Jones Petyarre at Tali Gallery

    Loretta Jones Petyarre, Arawerr, Northern Territory, “Iy-lenky-La” ?90 x 180cm

    Aboriginal Handcrafted Ceramics, Weaving, Glass, Carvings and Jewellery from Tali Gallery

    Tali Gallery offers a wide range of both traditional and contemporary hand crafted gifts, jewellery, homewares and ornaments created by Aboriginal people living in various areas of Australia. ? Each comes with background?and biographical information. Our range is varied and added to regularly. ? If you are looking for a...

    Gifts available at Tali Gallery

    Tali Gallery offers a very wide range of tasteful and beautiful gifts with an ethical edge – certified Fair Trade, sending royalties back to individual artists and communities, some made from recycled materials, some cross cultural – everything makes a difference and offers an opportunity to support Australia’s Indigenous people....
    Latest entries

    WE HAVE MOVED: Tali Gallery has Moved On Line and to our Nearby Studio by Appointment

    In early February, we closesd our space on Victoria Road.? It has attracted so much attention over the past two years since we moved from Darling Street, that our online sales and enquiries have escalated and we’ve decided to move on line and open by appointment only, at our nearby studio, also located in Rozelle.?...

    Best of Sydney 2017

    Di and Yhanni are pleased to be the recipients of the Best of Sydney gong again, for the seventh consecutive year. ? Our premises on Victoria Road are prominent and busy and have led to very many new opportunities. ? We count Indigenous organisations, universities, government and government agencies among our clients and are proud...

    A Busy Start to 2017

    Two months into 2017, we’ve had a busy time here at Tali G as you may have guessed from our absence from blogging since Christmas! There have been some very special and interesting sales and projects including a collection of very beautiful Dorothy Napangardi Fine Art Prints (the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Fine Art Print...

    Christmas Openings and Holidays closing 22nd December, reopening 5th January, always closed Sundays and Mondays

    We are open this week until Saturday 17th at 4pm – as usual we will be closed next Sunday and Monday 18th and 19th, reopening Tuesday 20th. Our last day for Christmas Trading will be Thursday 22nd December, until 6pm. This will be the last day we will send online orders until we?return from our?break...

    Christmas Gift ideas at Tali Gallery – Beautiful and Making a Difference

    Whether you’re after special?Greeting Cards, (with Aboriginal artwork or Australian themed), Kris Kringles or special, affordable or handcrafted gifts, we have it all covered – men, women and children – lots of interesting, beautiful, useful or frivolous? gifts – all stunning and high quality and all making a difference in some way – ?we even...
    Nicotinell is an excellent product. I bought at the pharmacy. Smoked for 20 years, now I do not smoke for a month. Of course, there was some negative effect because of my decision to quit, there was a desire to start smoking again, but not as strong as usual. It's OK now.

    Lilly Kemarre Morton at Tali Gallery

    This painting is the first collaborative work by Lilly Kemarre Morton and her Daughter, Julieanne Ngwarraye Morton from the Ampilawatja Community in Central Australia, north east of Alice Springs. ? We have been asked to sell it on the art centre’s behalf following its inclusion in the John Fries Memorial Art Prize exhibited at the...

    Delighted to be Included in the Best of Sydney List Again

    This will be the sixth time that Tali Gallery has been included in the Best of Sydney’s listings. ?Our focus on?philanthropy and education, our eclectic offerings and our personal service has stood firm for some?seven years. ? We are grateful to Alternative Media for their support. ?

    EOFY – Accelerated Depreciation on Art Purchases for Businesses

    EOFY – June 30 Is Approaching and it represents an Opportunity to Businesses to Purchase Art Amendments to the tax rules in 2015 now allow businesses to claim an immediate deduction for artworks under $20,000. It is intended to put money into the economy and provide an incentive for spending which generates income for provider...

    Small Artworks – $135 Ready to Hang on the Wall

    Small paintings make wonderful gifts for any occasion and for your own home, they can be hung together in groups of 2, 3, 4 or more –?our?30x30cm stretched ‘blocks’ are ready to hang on the wall. ? There is a wide range of colours, stories and designs to choose from – subtle or strong, colourful...

    Wandjina at Tali Gallery

    During the Vivid light festival happening in Sydney in?June, several Aboriginal artists’ works will be projected onto the sales of the Opera House, including the Wandjina, by Donny Woolagoodja, a Worora elder from the Kimberley. Donny is the custodian of the country of the Wandjina which is a creation ancestor. Donny was a finalist in...

    Seasonal Opening Hours

    Tali Gallery will be open as follows as the weather cools towards, and during winter: ? ?Tuesday to Friday: ? 11am to 6pm ?and on ?Saturday ?from 10.30am to 4pm. We are closed on Sundays and Mondays. It is possible to make an appointment for art or gift purchases on weeknights between 6 and 8pm....

    Alison Puruntatameri at Tali Gallery

    Alison Puruntatameri from the Tiwi Islands, natural ochres, Redlands Art Prize Entry, 120 x 180cm…..
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